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Wooden Block Plane

I’ve really been digging the Pinterest pins which have been popping up from Wood Archivist Magazine. When I ran across plans for this block plane I decided I was going to give it a go.

Wooden Block Plane from Wood Archivist

I was hoping I had enough mahogany script from my neck blank but I really did a number on the mid-section after cutting out two Gibson style one piece necks from it. I ended up using a flat piece of mahogany (for a stacked neck) and a hard maple fingerboard blank I had on hand.

First laminated the 1/4″ maple (sole) to the mahogany (body) blank. A bit of weight was used instead of clamps.

Next I followed the plan to cut the body pieces at the specified angles. I little bit of interpretation was necessary but in general the dimensions were good.

The left over piece of blank was used to resaw the two sides using the bandsaw. I thinned the sides to the correct thickness using my planer. Each piece had one jointed face so this was fairly simple to do.

With all the major components cut, I could turn attention to the hardware. Essentially all of the hardware for the front knob and blade were ordered through Lee Valley.


I don’t have a lathe so I improvised and shaped the mahogany using a mandrel on my drill press. Not perfect but passable at least. The boss for the blade was rough cut and shaped using the actually blade as a guide. Threaded brass inserts were used to hold the blade and the front knob. These were epoxied in place for strength.

Shaping the front of the plane body was a multi-step process, drill a hole, cut off the top, cut a recess then laminate a maple inlay, then shape.

Plans called for the use of a core box  bit to route finger recesses but having none, I used a gouge and sandpaper to form them.  I cut the brass side pieces on the bandsaw then cleaned up the edges using self adhesive sandpaper on the table saw. Epoxy was used to fix the brass inlays.

I used this same paper to flatten the sole and sides. The sides aren’t perfectly square to the sole but the plane seems serviceable none-the-less. I did make sure the sole was dead flat.

I added some mahogany dye, then being impatient finished it with Boiled Linseed Oil (BLO). Finally I used  0000 steel wool and paste wax to complete the build.

The plane works better than expected and I have already used it on two additional projects. I think I’ll build some more planes in the future!

Thanks for looking……

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