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Guitar Neck Support Caul

Welcome back everyone! Of course I’m the one that has been away a while; to France actually for wedding. Now that I’m home I’m desperately trying to find shop time between all the built-up house chores. This project is straight from Project Electric Guitar and there will be many small and large projects from this from this community in the future. To ease myself back into the shop I started with this simple but useful Neck Support Caul build.

Steps in the Build

  1. Mill up some 3/4″ thick scrap pieces at least 12″ in length
  2. Laminate the pieces into a block
  3. Square up the blank using methods at your disposal. I took a short cut and used the jointer on top and bottom surfaces. Should have actually used the planer but they were visibly true enough for my purposes
  4. Set up a cove cut jig at the table saw. This was the trickiest part and the new skill builder for me. I referred to Matthias Wandel’sCove cutting table calculator and pretty much winged it.
    1. Most difficult part was locating the exact center of my table saw blade. I suggest running a test piece through to see how close you are to center.
    2. If you don’t nail this and your cove is slightly off-center, you can cut the cove then run the wider edge through the table saw to even up the sides.
  5. Used PVA glue and cork “shelf lining” to line the cove. Applied clamping pressure to the cork with a piece of foam pool noodle.
  6. Trued up and smoothed edges on the oscillating belt sander.
  7. Applied a coat of Teak Oil Finish.


Basic Dimensions

Length: 12″  (or longer for bass neck, etc.)
Thickness: 3/4″ (or thicker if you mill your own stock)
Width: 2 3/4″ (wide enough for the cove with room for an edge)

While I had the cove jig setup I went ahead and ran some 2″x 4″ material through it for future use in jig building/neck clamping.

Neck Support Caul

I could have used these when I was fretting my neck, at least I’ll have them ready for my next build!

You’ve been getting back into the shop with the Turtlecove Builder

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