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Rhyan End Table – Redux (2)

I may have mildly annoyed some of my family members (which I love very much) but I resolved to work in my shop all three days of the long MLKJr Holiday weekend. Saturday I moved a step or two closer to completing the second night stand for Susan.

Panel Prep

As designed this piece requires two solid wood panels for a top and lower shelf. One evening last week Susan was attending a Continuing Ed event in town to I decided to work in my shop while she was away. My goal was to joint and glue up both panels which I completed in a couple of hours. I used my ginormous pipe clamps on the larger of the two panels (the top) and the tape seam method for the smaller. This method is similar to those I’ve seen used for joining guitar tops and as simple as it is, has worked well for me. Each panel was made from two pieces.

Saturday, I removed the panels from clamps, sharpened my scraper and leveled the surfaces by hand. The glue-ups weren’t perfect but they were pretty good. One panel had very a slight gap along one edge but this would be the bottom surface and not visible. The other had a slight ridge which had to be leveled with careful hand planing followed by scraping.

After that I chucked up my 1/2″ round-over bit and edged all four top surfaces on both panels.

Night stand top ready for finish.

Panels are ready for sanding and top coat.

I was on a roll so while I had the router set up, I went ahead and cut my drawer fronts to length and put the same edge profile on them.

Night stand drawer fronts ready for finish.

Earlier in the morning I took the night stand case out to the car port and sprayed another coat of green paint albeit a different color. To my annoyance I couldn’t remember whether or not I had selected Hunter Green or Palmetto thinking it always to be the former. After two trips to Lowes I found the Hunter Green I was after only to realize upon returning to my shop that I really wanted Palmetto after all. Oh well here at the Turtlecove Workshop our motto is “Smoke ’em if you got ’em”. So the Hunter Green now covers the previous Palmetto and we will now have His and Hers in slightly different shades of green.

The next step would have been to spray top coat over all the pieces but it rained all day so I decided to move on to my next build……

Hey great to see you again, thank-you for joining me in the shop….

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