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Rhyan End Table – Part 3 (Finished)

I mentioned in my last post that I had taken last week off and although I had completed a fair number of chores, I procrastinated on adding my final applications of top coat to the night stand. Down to the wire on the last day off (Sunday) I finally dragged everything outside with the intention of applying two final coats. If you ever saw the movie “A Bridge Too Far” then you’ll understand what happened to me. Although I had squandered all those beautiful sunny days, Sunday morning was very overcast. I spayed my first coat and was hoping to spray the final coat in about 2 hours. While I waited, I worked on other projects in the shop. About an hour and a half later I suddenly realized that it was pouring down rain. No not a little sprinkle, we’re talking puddles of rain. I was “horrified” and dragged everything under the cover. The great news is that General Finishes High Performance Top Coat really does dry quickly. So much so that I was able to wipe everything down with cotton rag with no noticeable ill effect on the finish. So basically I got what I desired but luckily, no harm done. Not to self; “come up with a sensible spray booth solution”

Remaining Tasks

So calling the finishing done, three tasks remained for completion. I needed to 1) fit the lower shelf (probably shouldn’t have made it so close to tolerance) 2) figure out how to attach the top 3) install the drawer slides.

Although this shouldn’t have taken more than one shop day it actually ended up consuming both Saturday and Sunday. I spend most of the day Saturday struggling with fitting the drawer slides. First off, I have never fit any slides period. The slides are purchased were inexpensive Euro Slides from the home center. The directions called for a clearance of 1″ side-to-side which I knew and had factored in when making the drawers. I didn’t read anywhere about the gap required at the top of the drawer necessary to feed the drawer onto the rails. I had added a rail between the two drawers which would have left perhaps a quarter-inch gap for each drawer top to bottom. But struggle as I might, I just couldn’t get it all to work out because there need to be at least 1/2″ in order for the door slide rollers to pass by one another. Yes, I’m a moron but it took me a while to break down and remove the center rail. By then I had struggled so much and been so frustrated that I just had to call it quits and start again on Sunday.

By the time I made it to the shop on Sunday morning, I had already watched a YouTube video on the installation of this style of drawer slide. The video gave a couple of great tips on assembling drawers (which were of no use to me now) a one use tip on using a spacer to support the slide while marking the position on both sides of the carcass. With this knowledge and with some trial and error I was able to get the drawers functioning.

The final challenge was to affix the top. I you happen to notice, under the solid wood top is a plywood panel so I wouldn’t be attaching the top to apron as is done in most situations. A further complication was that I felt I wanted the panel to “float” which I thought would add shadow and therefore dimension to the piece. I questioned whether or not I was going to be able to gain enough access from underneath considering the plywood sub-top. One option was to cut through the center portion of the plywood piece, leaving the outer edges and corners to add strength. In the end, I was hoping for as simple solution as possibly and I came up with cutting the discarded rail (see above) into 4 pieces and screwing them to the plywood top. I then drilled down through the center of these shims piercing the plywood sub-top. I then positioned the top and using a punch marked the top to drill for screws. At that point it was a simple matter to use a screw up through the pre-drilled holes and into the top. Of course this had to be done with a hand powered screwdriver and a shot one at that. Wood movement is possibility but I’m not shipping all over the country and it is probably about as humid as it’s going to get so it might shrink but hopefully not swell.

IMG_0807 IMG_0809

I think it turned out pretty nice. Clearly if I built another one I would make a couple of modifications which would save aggravation and Susan wanted me to build a second one for her side of the bed.  I told her if I build another one I want to paint it purple. She looked confused……..


Nest up: Time for the Turtlecovebrewer to get busy making toys for big boys and girls. He also needs to brew but where is he going to get the time???

  1. November 16, 2015 at 11:50 pm

    I like the design, the paint/wood contrast. Turned out great. Now I need to go back and find part 2 and see how you built this, not sure how that one passed me by.

    • November 17, 2015 at 6:44 am

      Hi Randall, thanks for the positive energy! In the first post there is a link to the plan that I used on the Ana White website. Also my rendering in SketchUp is available for download and further improvement/customization. And feel free to contact me if there is any confusion. I’m happy to share all the things I did wrong.

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