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Rhyan End Table – Part 2

So November 5 was my birthday so I had decided to celebrate by taking the entire week off work. You would have thought that I would have accomplished an amazing number of tasks in the shop but alas, I only managed a few. The week never-the-less was well spent and turned out to be a pretty good mix of family chores, relaxing, reading, practicing instrument and shop time.


My intended design is a mix of painted surfaces and natural tops and drawer fronts. Because the top third of the carcass is exposed I wanted to add a second solid panel to this surface. Below was the actual top which will overhang the carcass an inch on all sides.


For the panel which covers the drawers (the lower top) I used nothing but tape to secure the two pieces while the glue set. This is method often used by luthiers when gluing acoustic tops. It worked quite well and I found there was less movement of the two pieces then overzealous use of F-clamps. More efficient glue clean-up as well.

The "lower" top


With most of the components constructed, I mocked up the night stand. The “lower” panel hadn’t been glued up, if you’re wondering about the wood sticking out of the side. Turns out I bought another board rather than use these scrap pieces.

Night stand mockup


Paint and Top Coat

I used one can of forest green spray paint for the carcass which I applied in three coats. The drawer pulls were purchased from the home center and I would have preferred them to be slightly larger but these were all they had. Pulls were also painted.

IMG_0795 IMG_3870 IMG_0791

For the top coat I used my groovy new Fuji Semi-PRO2 hvlp sprayer. I was clueless which model to get the gravity or siphon feed so I did my best to read various opinions on the matter. The gravity feed has the benefit of, well, gravity which is supposed to be of advantage however to me the gun looked top-heavy. The siphon feed appeared to have a larger capacity but in theory wasted more product. Then there was the question of which profile allowed you access to where you needed to spray and on the debate went. I opted for the gravity feed which it turns out can easily be converted to siphon feed should that turn out to be necessary. So far I see no reason for this.

Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2 - Gravity HVLP Spray System

Other than the fact that I need practice I found the sprayer was relatively easy to use. Expect there to be a learning curve as you figure out your air to finish ratio, fan pattern and spray technique. This project allowed me to at least discover some of these variables and controls and I believe that I’ll get better. Over all I didn’t find it that difficult to get started. I did want to build a small cart to house all these components. Possibly modify a small hand truck with a storage bin and place to wrap up the hose and electrical cord. I haven’t really decided though.

Stay tuned, I’m almost there

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