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10-Drawer Small Tool Chest – Build Redux – Part 2

In spite of the fact that last Saturday was Valentines Day, I was able to get two full shop days in toward the second small tool chest build. My wife is awesome that way and she had to work on Saturday any way. In general the thesis I proposed in my last post had true and having built the unit once before I was able to work more purposefully and with greater precision than on the first attempt. That was until I got to the glue-up of the case. At that point, reason left me and for the life of me I couldn’t seem to piece together how I had used the four corner clamps to hold the work. In retrospect, I now wonder how I could not have seen it. Anyway things were a bit dicey as I figured out a new way to assemble the case using my brand new assembly squares. They were on sale and I bought two of them but should have bought four. I actually wanted to buy two 0f the mini versions but they were on back order so I held off.

Clamp-it Assembly Square

Clamp-it Assembly Square

OK, so I well realize that you can make your own version of these guys and I had “intended” on doing that for a while now and still haven’t. The two I bought were an impulse buy to be sure but I’ve already gotten my money’s work out of them. They are large, actually a bit too large for this scale of furniture but I was still able to use these two to great advantage. I used them in the case glue-up and later to glue up the drawer frames which brings me to my next new toy. The Rockler 3-in-1 Bar Gauge kit.

Rockler 3-in-1 Bar Gauge

Rockler 3-in-1 Bar Gauge

Originally I was looking to purchase a pair of trammel points for this build but I was also in the market for a functional bar gauge. I lusted after the fit and finish of the Woodpecker version but who has that much coin to blow on such a simple device? Comparing the two is like the difference between a Porsche and a Yugo but for $25 you get two sets of tips (wedge and flat) and trammel points. The tips are plastic which doesn’t exactly scream precision but the telescoping holders are made from attractive aluminum blocks. I also don’t like that the tips are held in by set screws which require a hex wrench to tighten. If the tips didn’t require this and were made of metal you’d have a real winner. You have to provide your own rods so I picked up a length of steel rod but I haven’t yet cut it in half so I used an oak dowel to get started.  I used it to transfer the case width to my table saw fence and was very pleased with the ease and accuracy of this way of measuring. And BTW, I also “intended” on making one of these but instead I’m happy with this purchase also.

So after two weekends in the shop this build is fairly far along. The case and drawers are complete although I have still have some fitting to do on the drawer slides as well as a piece of trim I need to fit above the top-most drawer. After I route the upper and lower beads on the drawer fronts and attach pulls the piece will be ready for finishing.

10 Drawer Small Tool Chest #2

10 Drawer Small Tool Chest #2

You have been reading an excerpt from the shop journal of the Turtlecovebrewer.


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