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Christmas in Georgia

The University where I work closes between Christmas and New Year’s so Susan and I took the opportunity to put together one last “whole family” vacation to the mountains. She normally favors North Carolina but while hunting for a cabin to rent she ran across a good value in Hiawassee, Georgia which turns out to be several hours closer to us. It is always a massive effort to get all the planning and packing together but even more so this time as we were leaving on Christmas Eve to celebrate Christmas day in the mountains. Thus we were not only packing but we were handling the normal last-minute gift wrapping, etc. Madness I say!

Once we made it safely through the bands of severe weather on the trip up, everything turned out very nice and Christmas was a success. For entertainment we went for walks, drove around sight-seeing nearby towns and shopped in antique stores. I’m not sure what it is about Florida but you just don’t see a tradition of woodworking or find very many antique shops around. They exist I know but not to the extent we found on our trip. The fun thing about antiquing is that there were interesting finds for the entire family, ranging from tea cups, clothes and hand tools. The purchases we made were strictly recreational and we even learned that if you wanted something but felt the price was too high, you could make an offer and they would often work with you.

I came home with two Disston handsaws, two braces, a spoke shave with iron, a Dietzgen bow compass, an eggbeater hand drill and small metal plane (No. 3 smoother).

IMG_6953 IMG_6952

I found a number of wooden planes of various types and in various states of disrepair. No doubt one or two of them would have been a worthy addition to the shop but truthfully, I just don’t know that much about what I would have been buying. Most needed some work and many didn’t have irons. I decided to just enjoy the shopping and held off from purchasing. I’m definitely not a collector, just having fun on vacation and learning a little something about the function of these tools.

I also enjoyed looking at all the old furniture pieces in the antique malls. The lovely wood species, how their made and how they function. I think the entire family had fun!


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