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Wooden Beer Totes – Build Phase Part 5 – Putting it all Together

Although I have begun to learn patience, I can’t be the only one who gets to a point in their project where they really begin to wish it was all over. Well that was how I was beginning to feel as the deadline for my gift making was rapidly approaching. Alas “The End is Near”.

Beer Labels

About a month ago I asked my daughter Callie if she would be interested in making a drawing for me that I could use on my bottle labels. All of my girls are quite talented at this sort of thing and it was really just a matter of seeing if Callie would be interested. Luckily she was interested and accepted my request. A month later and after she finished her college finals, this is what she came up with for me.

Original Santa as Drawn

Using the image I worked up a label in Photoshop.

TC Extra Stout - Main Label

Then added wings to complete the label.

TC Extra Stout - Completed Label

Now all I needed to do was to whip up a neck label and I’ll be mostly there. I started with the Turtlecove logo I had already created for the totes. I added the light green crayon background that Callie used on Santa and added matching holly sprigs to the wings. As an almost invisible final touch, I put a Santa hat on my turtle.  Can’t really see it but I know it’s there.

TC Extra Stout - Neck Label

Originally I was going to print these on paper and use milk glue to affix them however for expediency I decided to print them on full-sheet label material and cut them out with scissors. Here is the final product which I saved as a pdf for portability and later printing.

TC Extra Stout Label Sheet


Putting it all Together (finally!)

My final preparation was to lightly sand the totes with a Scotch Brite pad and some soapy water. After drying I them, I followed up with a coat of Johnson’s Paste Wax. The finish was not furniture grade but for tote, I think it suffices.  After a couple of hours of quality time cutting out the labels (thank-you Susan!), I was ready to finish my gifts for 2014.

Turtlecove Extra Stout

And putting it all together, the big “reveal”

Ready to Ship   IMG_3794

What Happened to the Openers?

I never got around to making the bottle openers which I had hoped to incorporate into the design. I was planning to add a small wooden pocket (tray) on the non-logo end of the tote where I would insert the bottom (handle) of the opener. The top would be held in place by the little magnet I that I was going to inset in the opener “business end”. The magnet would then serve two purposes, its function would serve to hold the loose cap after opening with its other function to hold the opener in position on the tote. For this to work I was going to inset a steel washer into the tote at the proper height. This idea wasn’t the only way to get it done, just one I happened to think might work and was fairly easy to have implemented. But then, I also wanted inlay on the openers….. Sounds like a lot of experimentation and yet another challenge for the Turtlecovebrewer workshop….

God bless you all and happy holidays from the Turtlecovebrewer and Family

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