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Santa’s Workshop

Although I haven’t written in a couple of weeks it isn’t because I haven’t been busy. On the contrary I have been busy working on home spun Christmas gifts. I don’t know if people really believe it when they say that home made gifts are the best but if the old saw, “it’s the thought that counts” is true then hand crafted might hold merit on this point alone. To be be perfectly honest, I am a child of the retail Christmas. My Dad loved the season and the way he showed his love was to save all year and make his boys dream’s come true. I received so many dreams that I can’t even remember the disappointments and there were occasionally a few, but damn few. So few that I can’t even cite one.

For almost 50 years, I celebrated Christmas morning at my parents house opening presents and eating a traditional (for us) Christmas breakfast with my family after. We’ve celebrated the last three Christmases without Dad and Mom isn’t getting around much anymore. My niece and nephew have moved away and even my brother and sis-in-law have relocated to North Florida. Everyone (save Mom) is doing well and I am happy for them and it would seem a perfect time for new Christmas traditions to form. Mine will involve more time in the shop and less time in the Malls. Bakers love to bake, and cooks love to entertain and we woodworkers head to our shops.

I’m a bit conflicted on how much to information to disclose although it is highly doubtful that any of my three loyal readers would spill the beans on my project ideas 😉 Fear not “all shall be revealed at the appointed hour!”

You have been remembering and celebrating with the Turtlecovebrewer

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