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Work Sharp – Sharpening Stand

Man don’t you just hate copycats! Yet here I am, once again following instead of leading this time working on a Work Sharp 3000 stand a la Stumpy Nubs. The interesting part for me is that I’m building without any plans. I watched Stumpy’s video and subsequently watched Lance build a nice version in Lance’s Woodshop & Adventures. My sharpening regime is well, non-existent?!? I know the importance of sharp tools, I want sharp tools but I haven’t ever been able to get any consistency with my sharpening. I wrestled with getting a set of water stones but I already have a sand paper system and I also wanted something that would help me grind, every tool in my shop easily. Then if  I’m not happy with the honing I get off the Work Sharp, I can always go to sand paper on a flat surface. If I’m still not happy I might start looking into diamond paste. First I have to get close and this is why I bought the WS 3000.

I’ve spent very little time with it but I have done some rough grinding to set bevels on two sets of “beater” chisels. I will attempt to hone them next but first I was hoping to build this stand so that I could use my honing guide. So there is a reason why I want to build it but it is also a good exercise for me to build something on the fly. I didn’t get much time on Friday to work on other than to work out some dimensions and rough out my parts.

WS 3000 Stand Rough Out

I doubt it will be as pretty as either Stumpy’s or Lance’s but I have every reason to believe that one way or another I should be able to make my version serviceable.

A Turtlecovebrewer Shop Update

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