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Arduino – Huh?

Whereas it is a fact that I haven’t been doing much blogging, it is not true that I have completely fallen away from my hobbies. It is also true that I haven’t had very much time in the shop for a variety of reasons including, job and family responsibilities. If a person has to spend their time doing something, family is a pretty good something! Enough for the excuses and on to today’s post.

Learn About Micro-controllers

As the saying goes, “everyone has to start somewhere” and I sometimes have a had time getting started. Taking your time isn’t necessarily a bad thing but paralysis is so at some point you just need to step up to the bar. I have recently become interested in electronics as a side-effect of my interest in building electric guitars. I mentioned that I wanted to build a pick-up (coil) winding machine which started this learning process in earnest. Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop. I wanted to learn (or re-learn in some cases) everything but this time I really, really wanted to know how it all worked. If I was going to build a coil winder, I was going to need a machine that would count the number of times the coil rotated, thus counting the number of turns on the coil. It was fascinating to see the number of creative ways people invented to achieve this task on You-Tube. One fellow used a micro-controller on a breadboard to build his winder. He published his work which was almost enough information for me to understand what he did but not quite. It was then I ran across the open-source project Arduino.


Arduino Uno Development Board

This was an eye-opener. Easy to learn and use. Inexpensive and available to everyone. Arduino can be a stepping stone to the world of micro-controllers and for that it is a truly amazing gift. Micro-controllers are computers that allow us to interface with physical world. Need to record a temperature, position a servo, turn on a light using software? You could probably benefit by using a micro-controller.  Engineers don’t need Arduino to work their magic, but for students and regular folks like you and me Arduino makes learning fun and easy! Enough said for now, go check it out for yourself.



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