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Shop Cleanup

It’s been a little while since I’ve been able to get back in to my shop and the clutter has built up. Before I can create anything, I must tidy up a bit! This snap doesn’t do the huge mess justice but believe me it needed some attention.

Shop Clutter

I decided to start with an idea I’ve had for a little while. As a homebrewer I have collected quite a few yeast tubes which one used to be able to turn in for fresh yeast (9 tubes = 1 tube of yeast). Unfortunately they ended that program and I’ve been “saving” them up ever since. Coincidentally Susan’s wonderful 94 y/o Grandmother has moved into Assisted Living and we “inherited” a couple of primitive night stands that Susan’s Grandfather made years ago. I decided to use the drawer space for small parts, lining the bottom with recycled vitamin bottles and adding a test tube holder up top. I certainly didn’t over engineer this, more of a “Git-R-Done” approach AND I didn’t permanently alter the historic piece as the rails I added are just pin nailed in place (no glue). The tubes are held by two pieces of hard board scrap and I supported the center with a removable stretcher.

Vitamin Bottles Re-purposed Yeast Tube Re-purposing - removed Yeast Tube Re-purposing - top


Another “enhancement” was to make drill drawers. Once again shopping in my basement, I found an old silverware tray lying around I felt might help me. Using blue foam that I recycled from computer packaging I organized various bits and pieces formerly kept in a toolbox under my workbench. So far so good.

Drill Drawer - top Drill Drawer - bottom


The more stuff one wishes to use in the shop, the more one has to keep after the organization to find it! Good luck in your own organizing projects.

You have been reading an excerpt from the shop journal of the Turtlecovebrewer.
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