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Rite of passage….

This weekend things were Topsy-Turvy at the house as we (actually all the girls but me) rearranged our living room. My wife purchased new living room furniture and my two eldest daughters spent their entire weekend moving out the old to make room for the new. Admittedly, I helped them very little. You see I had spent my previous weekend cleaning out the upstairs loft area and no telling how many other weekends have been spent by my wife doing this in other areas around the home. So I was marginally sympathetic to their work but happy to let them toil for once.

As part of the renovation I received or should I say, my shop received a dilapidated dresser that was previously being used as the TV stand. The dresser has shitty drawers, is filthy dirty and painted sort of antique white. Perfect for my shop!! I made room for it by removing the folding stand that was supporting my tabletop router table and although it’s a bit taller, it worked out perfectly. The fact that one of the drawers is missing presented me with an immediate challenge. Can one even claim to be a woodworker if they have never made a drawer? Well there has to be a first time for everything.

The good news is that I had nothing to lose by trying. Also the really crappy drawers set the bar very low with respect to my attempt. So am I going to show you a gallery showing my awesome perfect work. Ah that would be a “Hell No”. As I’ve said many times before in my journal, I’m a hack. But I do see progress and I am having fun as I learn.

Inherited Shop Storage

This is about as close as I’m going to let you look.

My First Dresser Drawer

The handle I found lying around the house when I cleaned upstairs last weekend. Serendipitous to be sure. The drawer front actually came out fairly decent considering my router bit selection is extremely limited. The back of the front was rabbited but wasn’t nearly wide enough so I had to finish off using shallow cuts on the table saw and hand work. Similarly on the front, I didn’t have a round-over bit that matched exactly but it looked pretty acceptable using what I had. The debacle came attempting the blind dovetails to attach the drawer sides to the front. What I can say is this, I think I did a better job on the second one I cut than my first one. Wow boy, pretty ugly work. On the original the back is attached with finger joints and I would have been fine duplicating that if I had a jig for it. I thought about trying to make one but time in the day was running out and I was pretty impatient. I didn’t want to get sidetracked making a shop appliance. If I do that I want to make a shop appliance that actually works! I decided to use a plain old butt joint with glue and nails.  Arg….

So back to the bright side, I was able to cut the proper notches for the simple plastic runner and successfully routed stopped dados to house the bottom. Things have been going better with my router recently. I think I have finally fixed the slipping problem on my router table fence (finally) and I seem to have a better feel at making light passes, etc. So I am learning I think.

It felt good to get back into my shop and have so many things go well, but I’m still not going to let you look closely at that drawer 🙂

You have been reading an excerpt from the shop journal of the Turtlecovebrewer.

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