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Elegant floor lamp Woodworkers Journal Oct-2013

Hello Friends,

It really has been too long since I’ve last written. I wish to assure you that I’ve not lost interest in woodworking and luthiery my passion is greater now than ever. It would seem that life ebbs and flows and right now my job is flooding. My work is important, it provides my livelihood and that of my family so I don’t take it lightly. So for another 10 years or so my passions will continue to smolder under the damp blanket of work.

Meanwhile I finished my floor lamp project up and took it in to work. The project itself looked pretty easy which is why I attempted it. Isn’t it amusing how woodworking can seem so simple when viewing an illustrated how to? Of course it isn’t until one actually put blades to wood that we really understand the nuances of  “The Craft”. (That one’s for you Bill).

So to recap here’s my post on the build:


And here is the finished lamp in my office.

Cypress Floor Lamp

No doubt it would go a bit easier for me if I were to build another one of these lamps. Here’s what I would consider next time round.

  1. I’d use thicker stock for the trunk. The plans called for thicker but I used dimensional lumber, laminating two 3/4″ boards together. Next time I’d find thicker or possibly laminate 3 or more strips to gain thickness.
  2. I’d create my hexagonal template earlier in the process to guide the shaping of the trunk.
  3. I’d opt to run a conduit down the center so that glue squeeze out  wouldn’t block the channel.
  4. I’d carefully shape one leg then use a template bit on the router to duplicate the other two. I did this but only after painfully shaping all three legs imperfectly by hand.
  5. I’d make a doweling jig when attaching the legs. Basically a board with the holes drilled in the right locations then when you drill for your dowels you use opposite sides of the board for the legs versus the trunk. This helps to cancel any variations where the jig angle isn’t perfectly drilled. (hard to explain).
ex·pe·ri·ence (




practical contact with and observation of facts or events.
You have been reading an excerpt from the shop journal of the Turtlecovebrewer.


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