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I got nothing….

It normally works out that I post a journal entry on Monday after a week and/or weekend of shop time. This week “I got nothin’…”. Things just haven’t worked out, as I was either too busy or too lazy to get my butt downstairs. My mother has fallen (again) and this time actually broke something important. She is facing a challenging time ahead as my brother and I discuss what is best for her future. Susan and I did manage an abbreviated weekend at Turtlecove to mow the yard and check on things but it would have been more relaxing with another day or so as it was we only managed 24 hrs there. Although my shop time has been non-existent this week, my reading and studying time has been plentiful and this has helped to recharge my creativity.

I want to start another project but I’m stuck between what I think I need and what I think would be an educational and fun build. Chris Schwarz’s 2-Day workbench from home center lumber, sign me up that sounds perfect for me. Only this wouldn’t be the best use of my resources at this time. Still it would be challenging and fun and I’d learn a bunch from it. I’m also considering building the Stumpy Nubbs $10 saw bench which would be both useful and a fun project of modest scope. When/If I build it I’ll make sure and match the height to the saw bench I built earlier in the year so that I can support long stock between them. Or another idea would be to build a couple of saw horses with the ultimate goal of being able to “easily” cut down sheet goods. And yet another idea/need would be to build a dedicated out-feed table for my table saw. So many options, I wonder what I’ll choose?

What’s that, you ask about the Thien baffles? Ah, you want to know their status? I’ll be getting around to building them “real soon now”.

You have been reading an excerpt from the shop journal of the Turtlecovebrewer.

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