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Tool Tray Rebuild

Part of me was hoping to get a little farther along last night once but as it turned out,  I was just happy to get as far as I did. I used a couple of measuring sticks to find the target length for my bottom till and transferred this to my over-sized tray.

Inside Measurement

I had planned to cut both ends off at the table saw but given the height of the sides and the number of nails in the piece, I was uncomfortable proceeding. I probably should have used my circular saw and be done with it but again, I was uncomfortable that I didn’t have use of a saw guide and those nails concerned me. I started with a hand saw but the going was slow and inefficient. If I had a decent carcass saw I think it would have been fine, but what I had wasn’t working for me. I finally turned to the jigsaw which was sloppy but as least safe to use. I trued up the ends with a block plane. All of this took much longer than anticipated.

Too Big

Here is the before picture, I re-posted it here to see if you notice any other problem with its dimensions? Astute you are Grasshopper! The sides are too tall! Not only did I make it too long, but I made it too high. This became obvious after cutting the ends off and introducing the (now endless) tray to the runner. At least this was going to be a relatively easy fix with the table saw. I hunted through the plans to determine that the sides should be 1/2″ below the runner above it which in this case is 4 1/2″. Set my table saw fence, blade height and keeping the bottom against the fence I ripped first side,  flipped it over and ripped the other side. No nails to worry about for these cuts.

By now, Susan was patiently waiting for me so that we could have our supper but I was close to finishing up the bottom till and I felt compelled to finish up. I went ahead and cut the sides, gluing and nailing them home.

Bottom Tray Rebuilt

Finally a simple “self-built” bottom tray that fits and slides on its runners. Man that was easy!

Conclusion: It is easier to build a piece correctly from the beginning than it is to fix it after the fact.  It feels good that I was able to salvage the this tray and I’m now able to build the other two.

On To the Next Trays

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