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Chores get in the way of shop time.

Not much has happened in the shop since last weekend’s kotatsu table build. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on one’s perspective) Susan and I spent Saturday and Sunday purchasing and installing an electric dryer and a new dishwasher. I did however, get to spend some quality with the table’s owner (my middle daughter Callie). I had her sanding and staining on Friday after work. I was hoping to get a coat of poly on as well but alas chores happened. I have some satin Minwax poly that I’m going to dilute 50:50 with mineral spirits and rub on. I’ve actually been watching a lot of finishing videos recently because I well know that my finishing knowledge base needs expanding. When I finally do build some instruments I’m going to want to at least be competent to finish it. My plan is to use the wipe on poly and finish with a mineral oil rub out a-la Wood Whisperer Sitting Bench Pt. 3: Finishing . I’m not worried about pore filling for this project but I have been re-watching videos about the topic trying to get a grasp on 1) when to use it 2) which product  or products would be “best” for instrument builds. Robbie O’Brien demonstrates how to use drywall compound to pore-fill an acoustic guitar body. I’ve also seen examples of de-waxed shellac and a product called Z-poxy finishing resin which is a two-part epoxy finishing product. So I’m trying to tackle my fears head on and arming myself with finishing advice before I have to work on something “important”. I really want to try shellac  and I’d also like to check out what a Tru-Oil finish  is like.

Upcoming Projects

tool-chestIt’s almost embarrassing to admit this but my next project is “A traditional tool chest in 2 days“.  Embarrassing only because the idea of building a tool chest is not original, not because I don’t like Chris Schwarz. In fact I do and I bought his video because I was excited about building something that was within the limits of my current skill level. I already purchased and watched the video (twice), have the wood and hardware. Now all I need are the two days of shop time to get started on it. Can I be a conservative Christian and a woodworking anarchist? Hey, I’m leaving philosophy, religion and politics out of this because it’s obvious that all woodworkers’ rite of passage include building a traditional tool chest.

uke-kitUkulele kit build. While purchasing my new equipment from Grizzly, I snuck in a $27 uke kit which was not only very affordable but offered me a chance to get my feet wet with an instrument build (ah perhaps “assembly”). My wife bought me my first stringed instrument  as a Christmas present, a Les Paul Ukulele by Epiphone. Because I’ve been working hard to learn guitar, I don’t play it much and I don’t need another uke but …. ukulele acquisition syndrome I suppose. Seriously, it is simply for the build experience, a way to break my paralysis without spending a lot of money. So as this kit waits to be built I’ve been considering if I want to “pimp my ride” or simply build it as-is.

kotatsu-chairAnd the final build on the horizon might will be to design and build some kotatsu chairs for Callie’s new table. She was intimating that she was going to cut the legs off some of her Mom’s chairs (Mom’s not using them right, so I get to chop them up?). I didn’t like that idea so I figure maybe we can come up with something that goes with the table and spend some time together building them. I wonder what sort of frame we can come up with? Whatever the design, I’m absolutely positive that It will require I purchase additional tools for the shop!

You have been reading an excerpt from the shop journal of the Turtlecovebrewer.

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  1. August 12, 2013 at 6:57 pm

    I very nearly bought the toolchest video. I don’t have the room in my garage for it. But it looks like a fun project. Good luck with it!

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