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Shopping at home again ….

I have been using a medium-small shop-vac  for all my shop dust collecting and clean-up duties.  This shop-vac even has an upgraded HEPA filter on it which can be cleaned and reused successfully.  All I needed to do was to give the vac a thorough cleaning before putting it in service.

This small unit has worked very well for me but my attention has been drawn to a much larger blue and grey shop-vac that has been callously left languishing in the corner of the basement, unbathed and unloved. Below is a store photo of the model and I see that the local blue colored home center is currently asking $109.98 USD for the kit. I haven’t found any of the tools for it (yet)  but even so, I LOVE shopping at home and saving!


14 Gal  Shop-Vac


It could have been dirtier but the pet hair and litter had a really funky thing going that made one not want to turn it on. The exterior also had a fair amount goo, dirt and hair. Emptying and rinsing the bucket wasn’t going to be enough, I really needed to disassemble the unit and clean all the parts and filters most of which can be washed in the sink. Screws on the motor/lid assembly are Torx. Sorry I forgot to look but I think a T-20 or 25 perhaps?


Shop-Vac Cleaning


The main issue is the condition of the hose which has the connector on one end torn off and a small leak along the middle. I haven’t completely thought through how I’m going to address this. Replacement hose and tools could be purchased or I might just figure out a repair. A Scout is thrifty after all and I’m thinking that I can set this up for temporarily for dust collection and use the existing smaller unit for general clean-up only. Either way the price was right and all she needed to get back into the game was a bit of love and attention!

You have been reading an excerpt from the shop journal of the Turtlecovebrewer.

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