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Poly and a Quick Fix

Not much happening so far this week in my shop. I got the word my girls will not be attending karate this month so shop-time windows of opportunity are less predictable. I worked an hour on Tuesday which gave me enough time to apply a coat of satin poly on my shoeshine box.


First Poly Top Coat

The finish coat went on fairly quickly so I used the balance of my hour cleaning up around the shop and making a quick zero clearance sliding fronts for my router table fence.

Router Fence Sliding Front

Nothing particularly fancy here just a left over piece of hardboard that I cut in half and added bolts so the “doors” can slide. I did observe that the panels wiggle slightly at the base; perhaps a stiffer media would have been better? I’ll see how the prototype performs and if I’m not happy I can always make adjustments.

Oh and one last tidbit, a tasty find at work. My office was discarding this awesome cart and they practically begged me to take it home. Ignore the keyboard trays on top, I managed to find homes for those. The cart rolls with locking casters and is something you might see in a library or medical office chart room. We no longer use paper charts so this is sort of white elephant taking up space. My first thought was to modify it to make a stand for my miter saw but I really haven’t decided.

Anybody have suggestions for a good use around my shop?

Tasty Shop Cart

You have been reading an excerpt from the shop journal of the Turtlecovebrewer.

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