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Version 1.0 – DP table and fence in service

You may recall from a previous post, a had reservations about the laminated plywood fence I was working on. Well it never made it to the launch pad. After glue-up I went to dry fit the parts together and it got stuck.  As I was ever-so-gently tapping it free with my sledge hammer is busted into several pieces. Yes, I lost my temper but I did get it freed and I also put together a much nicer poplar version afterward. That was Saturday following our Hogtown Brewers Beer Festival hosted by my homebrew club at Kanapaha Gardens. “Coincidence ? I think not!”

Yesterday I drilled (not routed) slightly oversized holes for the “non-T-bolts” and things worked pretty well. I do have issues with the bolt  spinning rather than tightening but I have found that if I pull up on the bolt when turning I can get it to tighten. On my router table I wrapped a chunk of duct tape on the bolt end to give it some volume and “grab”. It looks unprofessional but it worked. I can imagine lots of solutions to this problem. Solder a metal tab, mold some epoxy, wrap some sand paper, etc.

Drill Press Table and Poplar Fence

The other issue I have with this Porter Cable press is this quill lowering handles keep hitting the fence. My first use of the fence in actual service was to drill pilot holes along the edge of a panel. The fence interfered with the DP handle (sigh) so I came up with the above solution, a low sub-fence extension which is pictured. The board in front is not the piece I was drilling but was used to extend the fence to butt my work against. Effectively the add-on became the fence so what’s the point? I’m not thorough fiddling yet, in fact I’ve only just begun.

You have been reading an excerpt from the shop journal of the Turtlecovebrewer.

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