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It’s alive …..

It’s was indeed a regular karate night for the kids and I got right to work in the shop. Goals for the evening included glue and screw the leg assemblies, cut and add the upper braces and time permitting, begin cutting for the lower shelf. I knew the shelf was optimistic but I figured if things went well I could get a head start on it.

Now you get the classic line, “do you want to hear the good news or the bad news first?”

Right, I’ll start with the good.

I was able to mark and counter bore pilot holes for the leg wood screws. This would have been easier if they were individual legs instead of leg assemblies but it wasn’t too bad. They part I had trouble with was the glue up. The pieces were a little bit beefy and awkward but I wrangled them into place and drove the screws home.  I didn’t really know the proper angle for the legs, other than it should have been 10°. The bench wasn’t stable and I needed to measure and cut the upper braces. Finally I figured out that I could turn the bench upside down and clamp each end to stabilize things while measuring and cutting the brace pieces. I ran a straight edge between the legs to see if things were square and adjusted the clamps until they were. I then marked and cut the braces, then drilled pilot holes with a ½” counter bore. I screwed these in place but for no good reason, I didn’t use any glue. I could take them off and glue them, I might just do that yet.

Here ’tis….

Saw Bench Profile View

Saw Bench with Legs Attached (1)

Drilling all the holes and working through the alignment took a bit longer than I would have hoped so I didn’t get a chance to fill in the screw holes with dowels. I was a bit delayed because of the bad news.

The bad news is, one of the legs is off and the bench rocks. I was afraid that might happen. I have figured out that a 0.29″ shim on the offending eg will resolve the problem. If I make a stab at singling out the problem, I’d have to say it was probably the poor job I did notching the legs. The bench top notches were respectable and the legs were all the same size.

So what’s next? I’ll make the shim for the leg and get it glued up. I’ll probably take the upper braces off one at a time and glue them up. Then I’ll cut and glue the plugs for the screw holes. Hopefully that won’t take too long and I’ll finally be ready to start on the lower shelf.

Saw Bench Lower Shelf

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