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Did I miss something?

Another busy family week at Turtlecove. My eldest received her black belt on Saturday and Susan finished up her hellish week on clinic. Susan’s car is acting up to boot. My Mom had elective foot surgery on Friday and we have to question the wisdom for she is 85 and in not-so-great health. Suffice it to say that it was a very long weekend for my brother and sister-in-law who ended up having to carry Mom if she was to move.  She ended up in the hospital as might have been predicted so Susan and I will go visiting tomorrow. Suffice it say that shop time was sparse but not without some progress.

I leveled the leg patch by sawing off the bulk and planing flat. Calling it done, I moved on to notching the legs which was a bit of a learning exercise for me. The legs are cut at a 10° angle top and bottom but the bench surface is level. Near as I can tell this means that my notch needs to cant 10° which made for humorous exercise with the sliding T-bevel, spinning it this way and that until it made some sense.

The instructions: Each leg notch measures 12” x 212” x 114“.

I wasn’t happy with the results of my first cut so I re-evaluated the situation. Giving it some thought, the notches really should measure the width of the leg by the thickness of the sawbench top with about a half inch lip for the top to rest on. With these new dimensions, I armed myself with the sliding bevel set at 10 and started marking. It didn’t look quite right and I realized that the lip was set at 10° and I needed to make the other cut perpendicular to the lip so in fact it angled back toward the center of the leg. The second cut was what I wanted so I used it as the template to finish the other 3 legs.

Next I fit the tenons on the stretchers and marked where I would drill the ½” holes for dowel to join the through tenons. I gave some thought as to how I was going drill through both sides of the leg and have it line up perfectly while not blowing out the wood inside the mortise. Usual precautions were used. I placed a scrape piece in the mortise to prevent blowout. Carefully lined up and drilled the first side, stopping when I hit the scrap. I then turned off the drill, pulled out the scrap and with the drill off, I carefully lowered the Forstner bit until if fit perfectly into the first hole then clamped the piece. I then lowered the bit into the mortise (where it wouldn’t catch on anything) and fired it up drilling until just the tip came through the backside of the leg. I could then flip the leg and perfectly line up the point of the bit to finish the through hole. Fortune prevailed and this worked on all 4 legs. The dowel was to specification and it fit perfectly. Got to be pleased that worked. Next I will fit the tenon and mark to drill those holes.

I plan to have some shop time tonight, I think we’re back on schedule for Tuesday and Thursday karate so stay tuned.

You have been reading an excerpt from the shop journal of the Turtlecovebrewer.


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