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Repeat, reiterate and do again

Not much shop time this week. Last night was indeed karate night, AKA shop night, however Susan is the attending vet all week as her co-worker is on vacation. She has had two long days at the clinic already with four more to go before a day off. Karate was canceled and shop time reduced to about 30 minutes which was enough for me to revise the profile of the saw bench notch and to work on a patch for the botched leg.

You may recall from my last post that I was “confused” why my notch didn’t look like the plans and that I believed the plans were wrong. Of course I was the one to read the plans wrong. Anyway, here was my original cut.

Saw Bench Sawing Notch

And below is my revision. In the “Git-R-Done” spirit I remarked the curves and put my jig saw to work. I pondered how to clean up the cuts as I couldn’t just take it to the belt or drill press for sanding. Hum, I pulled out my rasps which actually took wood off fairly quickly making it relatively easy to shape the curves adequately. The rasp did leave some wicked scratch marks which I had to sand off through several grits of paper.

Saw Bench Revised Notch

Each exercise gives me ample opportunity to learn and grow. After 100 or 200 such exercises I should begin to see some improvement!

I’ve been procrastinating on the leg repair. You may recall that I boldly marked and cut the wrong end of one of the bench legs. The plan? Patch it and move on but it only makes sense to do it in that order. So I pulled out my chisel and cleaned up the cut edges so that I could fit and glue a new fill piece. More hand took work can’t hurt me right? With the leg mortise looking pretty decent, I cut a new edge on the patch piece and glued.

Saw Bench Leg Fix

This morning I took a look to see how it turned out. The fit was serviceable I think.

Saw Bench Leg Patch Glued

All the edges were left proud so I’ll get some more hand work bringing them flush. I’m glad to have the glue-up finished and look forward to chiseling, planing and routing it flush. I have some concerns about tear out, etc. but I’m excited about the process and very much looking forwarding to assembling and attaching the legs.

I’ve also been giving some thought to my next project. Fear not, all shall be revealed at the appropriate hour….

You have been reading an excerpt from the shop journal of the Turtlecovebrewer.

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