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My last confession was one week ago……

Today I gifted the tool tote to my teammates at work during our Monday Huddle. Everyone seemed pleased but I was careful to caution them, “please don’t look TOO closely”.

Toot Tote Gift

Easter Break and a New Project

The kids have been out of school all last week so my normal Tuesday / Thursday night shop times have been irregular. I do have a new project picked out but I was a little slow getting started on it. I shopped for my wood at Lowes and I have to say they had some of the crappiest lumber one can imagine. For this project, I am using pine but I was hoping it would be “usable” pine so I purchased their “Top Choice”. Mercy, if this is their Top I’d really hate to see what other choices they had.

Traditional Sawbench – Christopher Schwarz

So here is my project. I’m doubtful that mine will look this nice given my skill level and the “Top Choice” wood I selected but soldier on I will!

Traditional Sawbench

So far I’ve been cutting my stock into appropriate dimensions.  I didn’t find the 2″ stock called for the saw bench top so I’m using 2,  3/4″ panels that I will laminate together. Any milling will be done by hand with my Veritas Bevel Up Smoothing plane. Hopefully I won’t have to do that much but I do have to get them flat enough to glue together.

Saw Bench Top

Yesterday, I made my way to the shop to cut and glue the legs to my bench. These legs are made with 4 pieces (2 outer and 2 inner) of 1″ x 3″ glued and nailed. Three inches from the floor is room for the through tenon that will stabilize the bench laterally. Here is my stack of 4 saw bench legs clamped up to dry overnight.

Stock of Saw Bench Legs

It will be interesting to see how well these things respond to my plane. So far I’m pretty sure they’ll be strong enough but they don’t look anything like Chris’ picture (ha!). I don’t want to get too fancy with this bench but I don’t want it to look like doo-doo either. Oh well, we’ll see together how it all turns out. I might need to make another one anyway so that I can have pair of them to saw larger stock!

After I get this thing built I’m heading back to this follow-up blog article on its use: http://www.popularwoodworking.com/woodworking-blogs/chris-schwarz-blog/using-a-sawbench


I thought I’d share my Version 1.0 circular saw guide. Pretty basic stuff but definitely a time saver when attempting accurate/straight cuts with a skill saw. I also use a hardwood block for a spacer when I clamp the far end of jig. Most folks  understand how these things work. I clamp the jig and the work piece together and the saw plate butts up against the left edge of this guide. The first cut takes off the stub making a perfect mark to line up on your desired cut line.

Circular Saw Guide

The “Tee” should probably be longer on the right hand side for more stability but this has actually worked OK. If I redo it, I’ll try it a bit longer. I use another spacer at the far end to refine the line on the guide before clamping the other end.  I’m sorry for the lousy documentation here, I’ll follow-up with a better picture and explanation next time.

Finally I also thought I’d share a bit of good fortunate. The fence I made for my router table also fits on the old desk table I’m using for my miter saw. So I was able to use it as a stop when making the cuts for my saw bench legs.  On a related note, a bit of misfortune. I cut my drill press table top to the same size as my router table thinking the same fence could do double duty on the DP.  The first time I went to try it, I was displeased to discover the DP feed handles hit the fence preventing me from lowering the bit to work. Bummer…… but at least it was a  gallant effort.


You have been reading an excerpt from the shop journal of the Turtlecovebrewer.

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