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“Quit whining son and get in the game!”

I am so excited to learn about woodworking and excited to be putting together a shop. I feel empowered every time a read and learn something new or see a YouTube video of a unique build. I have begun to think differently instead of “what tool/jig/gizmo do I need to buy next” I’m more likely to think, “wow that’s a great idea, I could build one”. I’m beginning to understand the language and although I am far from fluent, I am definitely becoming conversant. I race home after work on Tuesdays and Thursdays full of anticipation about what I can accomplish during that evening’s session. I quickly change into work clothes, wolf down a pre-packaged cheese stick to ward off thoughts of dinner and descend the stairs to my modest basement shop. I begin to work, but soon things aren’t going as I had pictured. Everything seems just a bit more challenging than I had planned. I see that my work isn’t precise, I notice it in everything I attempt. I’m presented with problem after problem constantly struggling to overcome the next challenge. Progress is slow and the work is not as awesome as I had projected in my mind’s theatre.  My dream is to one day build beautiful instruments, to become a skilled luthier.  The current reality begins to set in, I’m a hack. I begin to feel less empowered and a bit discouraged. Susan and the girls are home, I vacuum up my shop and put all my tools away. I’ll tackle the switch wiring next session, I’ve done what I can for Thursday.

Today I write my shop journal entry and I am just as excited and just as empowered as before. I remind myself how I’m learning new things each and every day.  My individual experiences are lining up and overlaying one another and I’m beginning to weave them them into skills. I am reminded again that shop time, beats the hell out of watching TV. Actively engaging in life versus passively living someone elses through television. Suddenly I get it. The most important project I’m working on is me. Whether or not the products of my shop ever turn out to be perfect or beautiful is less important than what the work does for me as a man.

Quit whining son, get over yourself and create something!

You have been reading an excerpt from the shop journal of the Turtlecovebrewer.

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