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Sometimes it’s OK to be “PC”

There are times when it is simply OK to be “PC”. Those times are when “PC” stand for Porter Cable.

The router table fence assembly was put on hold yesterday because I burned up all my shop time at Lowes spending my birthday money. OK well my birthday is in November and my gift card only covered a sixth of the cost but I also came armed with a 10% off coupon and a bunch Amazon credit card points. I used them all to purchase this 15″ Porter Cable drill press. The iPhone app “My Lowes” indicated they had 2 in stock at my local store and I figured one of them would be the display unit. Sure enough they had one boxed and it was actually a tad interesting watching the store clerk ride the stock picker up 3 stories to retrieve my purchase from the top shelf.

Porter Cable 15" Drill Press

About an hour after arriving home I had her assembled. I was a little concerned about my ability to handle a tool this size without assistance. I was able to drag and “walk” the box in to my shop without much difficulty and I even managed to set the motor on the column by myself. Step StoolOthers have done this and it’s 75 lbs heavy but really managable for a fit younger person such as myself (HAH!!). I have a proper step stool that made climbing up high enough a relatively safe operation although clearly another person to guide the head unit onto the column would have been useful. As it was I eased it on with my second try and with no bent metal or other angst.

The box was very well packaged, the directions were quite clear and assembly progressed without incident. I did and still do, stratch my head about how to tilt the table. The short answer is, you can but probably don’t. They make reference to tightening a bolt that retracts a screw which acts as a pin. After that you can loosen the large nut and rotate the table. No thank-you. All I was trying to do was to level the table anyway and I realized that I needed to shim the drill base. Not having a book of matches handy, I used a scrap of wood. Oh I I think I figured out with the left over angled wedge is for. Hint, you may want to remove the arbor and the chuck one day.

It’s a bloody awful picture but she’s a beauty in better lighting. Looks like I’ll be building a super deluxe drill press table in the near future. Hey, maybe I can drill a straight hole now?? Well maybe with a bit of practice. Can’t wait to give her a try.

You have been reading an excerpt from the shop journal of the Turtlecovebrewer.

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  1. March 6, 2013 at 1:11 pm

    Thank you for sharing!
    Chris Mobley

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