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Kettles were struck at Turtlecove

After nearly a year long hiatus the burners were lit at Turtlecove Brewery yesterday. Home brewing, like woodworking is one of the more “practical” avocations. Home brewing draws interest from a wide variety personality types including foodies, gourmet cooks, gadget makers, biologist/scientists and folks that just plain like making their own adult beverages. With my background in IT and engineering I like the gadgets. My system is not particularly complex but it does have some upgrades including.

1. 3-tier/3-burner gravity fed system (no pumps required)
2. Welded steel stand
3. High temp quick disconnects (male on hard points with female on hoses)
4. Groovy toolbox pump as copied from an article in Brew Your Own
5. Multipurpose in-line thermometer
6. Very hot banjo burner upgrade for the boil kettle (recommended but keep plastic buckets well away from the boil)
7. Cooling ring to use the hot waste water to quickly cool the burner and kettle
8. Closed loop chilled water circuit for use once the wort temp gets down to 100 F (uses a small submersible fountain pump). I use empty milk jugs to make ice blocks for brew day
9. Copper sparge ring to rinse grains and return mash during recirculation
10. 11 gal capacity (10 gal of finished beer)

Turtlecove Brew System

I realize that this may not mean much to those that haven’t yet studied this fine craft but I have really enjoyed home brewing and I’m proud of my system! Note: She’s not pretty but she’s functional.

Oh yeh, I almost forgot to mention that I brewed an American IPA style with rye (Rye IPA). I plan to finish the beer on oak chips. Did I mention this is Susan’s favorite?

-brewer art

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