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Sawing in a Straight Line

Not yet owning a table saw my woodworking efforts have struggled. I have your average garage variety circular saw and jigsaw and have been making do with my first woodworking efforts. There are fences for cutting straight lines with a circular saw and of course you can use a straight edge with clamps like I have been doing.

Here is what I’ve learned thus far.

  1. I really have no good way to clamp my work on my woodworking bench. This is a serious frustration and I am working the problem.
  2. I can use my calipers to accurately measure the offset between my saw foot and the blade kerf. I have been pleased with this discovery.
  3. Clamps and their handles need to be on the “inside” of the fence so they don’t interfere with your cut. The downside is that much of your panel is then not supported. I really need to make those saw horses and soon.
  4. Commercial fences can be purchased but they can also very easily be made. I haven’t made mine yet but I will. They are basically a straight piece of 1x stock with another small piece glued and screwed to make a Tee at the end. The first cut trims the Tee so that the end of Tee can now be used to perfectly align the fence against the cut line
  5. Jigsaws can not be used to accurately cut straight lines and thus I won’t use them for ripping. I had bad experiences yesterday but it only took me one attempt to learn this.
  6. You can get accurate cuts with hand saws, if you learn the techniques and practice. I’m still learning but have already improved.

And in the next step of my build, I expect I’ll learn a whole lot of other things !!!

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