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What do an iPhone and a Ubuntu laptop have in common?

On the surface, these two device  have almost nothing in common save they are both computing devices. But as I have been working with each of these systems I have found many “wonderful things” and a common thread linking them.

I have found versons of the Cisco AnyConnect VPN clients for both devices. I have also found software for each that will allow me to remote to virtually any computer that I need to access whether on my home or work network. Wow, I can support desktop systems virtually anywhere! I have also relied heavily on the use of the cloud products called “DropBox”  and “EverNote” which makes accessing data from any device trivial. I was actually able to remote to my desktop at work, move a Windows program into the cloud, downloaded it from the cloud, installed (Wine) a Windows emulator on my Ubuntu machine and got the program running on it.  And then it finally hit me !!

Why do I need a desktop at all? Why couldn’t I have a Virtual workspace which can be managed in the data center, created and destroyed easily but more importantly physcially protected. I’m finally seeing the big picture and it has been many years coming. Services are provided and maintained in the cloud. Consumers use the services and forget about the rest. There is a huge leap of faith here I agree but consider this, the cloud might be a local cloud provided by your institution or business. We are fast approaching a new age of centralized information accessible from “virtually” anywhere!

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